Male Infertility Treatments

If you tested for infertility and the result confirmed that you’re infertile, the next obvious step is to undergo male infertility treatments.

Any decision that you make should be after discussing with your doctor and learning about the treatments yourself.

Some of you might want to complement the medical prescription with home remedies for treating infertility in men. Also, it is essential to know about the complications of medications for impotence in men.

Male infertility treatments
Male infertility treatments

Male Infertility Treatments

  1. Medications for treating infertility in men: Hormonal therapies, vigor producing drugs, lubricating jellies, etc. are treatments for infertility in men. To know about them continue reading till the end.
    • The first step is the collection of sperm from seminal fluid. Doctors might extract sperms from the testis if there is a tubal blockage hampering transport of sperm.
    • Sperms are then injected into the female’s vagina or directly placed in her fallopian tube.
    • If female partner has a problem too then IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is an alternative.
    • Intracytoplasmic injection of sperm genes into egg cell cures infertility due to sperms not fertilizing the egg.
  2. Assisted reproductive technology ART for treating infertility in men: ART for infertility in men includes all supportive therapies for infertility in men. An artificial support is given to help a man father a child.
  3. Surgery for treating infertility in men: Surgery for removing the tubal blockage or treating varicoceles treats infertility in men. Surgery is the only way if sterilization treatment like vasectomy (cutting of vas deferens) is the cause of infertility.
  4. Counseling and support for treating infertility in men: Counseling sessions and lifestyle change are alternative treatments for infertility in men. Home remedies are safe ways of treating infertility in men. Lifestyle changes go a long way to actually increase vigor and fertility in men.

If treatment for infertility in men doesn’t help, then the doctor might recommend you to take the sperms from a donor or for adoption.

Medications for infertility in men

      1. Drugs for treating sex problems: For erectile dysfunction or impotence a prescription for sildenafil or Stendra cures infertility in men. These drugs will dilate blood vessels and help hold erections for longer. Doctors prescribe lubricants or jellies or even oils for better sex performance.
      2. Hormonal supplements: If there is a problem in androgen (male sex hormone) production then hormone therapies treat infertility. These are steroidal preparations. If used without guidance their complications are beyond treatment.
      3. Immunosuppressive drugs: If the body is producing antibodies against own sperms then doctors give immunosuppressive drugs. It is for suppressing the antibodies’ production against own sperms.
      4. Antibiotics for curing STDs to treat infertility in men: Antibiotic therapy will treat the STD infection to cure infertility in men. Your fertility will restore after treatment of the particular STD.

Home Remedies for infertility in men

For supporting your medical therapies for infertility in men, you can do these home remedies along:

      • Have sex more often when your partner has ovulated and is fertile
      • Take a healthy diet rich in beta-carotene, folic acid, zinc and omega fatty acids to enhance sperm production
      • There are sex exercises done for enhancing the vigor

Lifestyle changes for infertility in men

These are things that one can take up as lifestyle changes for treating infertility in men

      1. Limit your alcohol and entertainment drugs. They are the main lifestyle habits that cause infertility in men.
      2. Stop activities like masturbation which have nothing good. It is sex that you enjoy and masturbation alone is not helping you.
      3. Exercise and do not sit at a stretch in a single place for hours. Sitting for long hours heats your scrotal sacs and doesn’t allow air circulation.
      4. Eat healthy and maintain a healthy body weight. Fat around the belly affects testosterone (male sex hormone) production.
      5. Do not use jellies, saliva, Astroglide etc. while having sex. They tend to affect sperm count and quality adversely.
      6. Do not go for sauna, jacuzzi and hot showers very frequently.

Complications of treatment of infertility in men

      1. Surgeries for treating infertility in men have a lot of side effects if not done by a medical expert
      2. Treatment duration is long and recovery also takes time
      3. Relationship and social problems due to taboos
      4. Financially demanding treatments

As our last word, we would suggest that the world has a lot of homeless orphans. Adopting a child is better than bringing a new one from donors.

Even if you want your own offspring taking sperm from someone and getting a baby from surrogacy is just the same as adoption. Adoption is a noble deed.


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