How To Avoid Infertility In Males?

Infertility is a dreadful thing to happen to anyone especially for those who are just entering their reproductive phase of life. It is very rare that normal physiology restores itself. If you’re wondering how to avoid infertility in males, then read on…

How to avoid infertility in males
How to avoid infertility in males

How To Avoid Infertility In Males?

Here are some precautions for preventing infertility in men:

  1. Always have safe sex: No matter how high you are on life, wear protection before you make love to your partner. Having safe sex will guard you against genital herpes, gonorrhea, HIV, and other STDs or venereal diseases. The STDs can make one infertile and are terrible to experience.
  2. Plan a balanced diet: Have foods that are rich in omega fatty acids like Chia seeds, cod liver oil, soya chunks, and others. Also, have a wholesome diet that has all vitamins and minerals. Every nutrient serves a purpose in your body. Also try including peppers, Oysters, garlic and other aphrodisiacs to enhance your vigor and libido.
  3. Wear proper underclothing: Whether it is the hottest month of the year don’t subtract the layer of underclothing like supporters. Wear loose undergarments. Always wear a supporter while playing or hitting the gym. They protect the testis from shocks one might get during vigorous activity.
  4. Don’t be an alcohol addict: The Department of Health has set the amount of alcohol consumption limit for a week to 14 units for men. This amount is approximately one and a half bottle of wine or seven glasses of 175 ml wine. Alcohol leads to zero sperm count hence one must strictly drink within limited amounts. Also, give a break to your liver alternate days for recovering from the detoxifying action.
  5. Don’t smoke: Men metabolize nicotine faster than females but still are more harmed by it than a woman. So don’t smoke more than 4 cigarettes a day. Smoking produces infertility in men.
  6. Don’t coitus interruptus or use non-standardized sex toys: Masturbation has many harmful effects on the reproductive and social well-being of a person. It makes men lose their vigor and sex drive. It lowers sperm count and drains you of energy and also other nutrients. One should refrain from masturbation as it is addictive. Also, don’t use cheap sex toys as they are potent to cause damages. You’d come to know only when going to the doctor will be the only choice.
  7. Protect your genital parts from radiations: Always take a second opinion before going for any radiation therapies. Keep your mobile phones, laptops, etc. away from your body to avoid exposure to heat and other radiations. They affect sperm production.
  8. Manage a constant and healthy weight: Exercise, keep changing postures, and give jerks to your body to prevent infertility. Sitting in a place for long hours can affect you and cause infertility problems. Also, a constant body is more important than having six or eight-pack abs. Get your body mass index BMI checked by a doctor or use online BMI calculators and keep it maintained in the normal range.
  9. The stress of every form should be at bay: There is no benefit derived from taking stress about anything. Mental tension is a potential hazard that can cause you damage even if you are suffering from nothing. Stress especially emotional stress is the cause of infertility in men.
  10. Think hundred times before getting a sterilization treatment: Once you get a vasectomy done it is tough to restore back the original organ structure. And anyway once you get a surgery done, there will be scars, and they pose you a high risk of becoming infertile.

Follow these simple things, and you will not have to dread from something almost every 1 out 6 couples are facing.


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