I felt like Nausea just after conception. What should I do. Please help me!

Pregnancy Q&ACategory: Signs Of PregnancyI felt like Nausea just after conception. What should I do. Please help me!
Carol Ramirez asked 5 years ago
Hello everyone! I just wanted to know that if anybody here have experienced nausea just a day or a few after conceiving. And has this turned out to be your pregnancy? I am getting this intuition that I may have conceived in the last 5 days, as i am having these hot spells which are along with nausea. For 3 months, I have been TTC and previously even have had “scares”. This kind of nausea and hot spells has never happened to me before. I am well aware of that implantation in our uterus does not usually happens this early, so is there an hormonal imbalance which is causing this? I anyone let me know that what’s the deal? Is it only my mind which is playing tricks on me??
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Ruth answered 5 years ago
Hey! Even I have experienced the same thing. And if I tell you, it feels so different from anything which I have ever felt before… However, I have never been pregnant so far, so it is like we both are on the same page of the book. I have not even being trying to conceive so far, even though, when I started getting these weird signs and symptoms, I was not happy to feel them…does this even helps or am I just thinking like that? But when I got to know that it could be because of pregnancy, I feel like all these symptoms started getting more and more. But I have to admit that I did have a lot of hot “waves” of nausea for a only few days. Therefore, I was sure that it wasn’t the flu (or it was just my mind because everything else seemed to be normal to me and it was not even constant)!
Carol Ramirez replied 5 years ago

Thanks girl for responding to my question so quickly!! You too felt weird, right? Even I did! The thing is that I have never been pregnant either, which is why this feeling is all new to me. But do you have any idea that this is pregnancy or not?? Cause I am very confused! And if the answer is yes, then when was the last time you got your periods? I am really glad to know I am not the only person in this world who is going “crazy” for all these weird stuffs!!! 🙂

Ruth replied 5 years ago

LOL…yeah babe!! Even I was thinking that I am the only crazy person in this entire world since I started getting these symptoms and even I was suspecting it to be my pregnancy. Actually, if I truly tell you honestly tell you, I do feel like i am pregnant, you know!! I am getting those paternal vibes though it is just so complicated and hard to tell!! I got my last period on 4th Dec…so this must be 30th day of the cycle. This is the first time I am counting, therefore I have no idea if these things are normal or not…I guess it’s hard to tell. I am the one who always runs to the calendar for all these dates which are never accurate. LOL :p … I figured that my AF was on the 4th of the last month, which means it would come on 3rd to 5th of this month. This is how my cycle works! 🙂 After every couple of months, my date moves a day down or so….isn’t that weird… I was getting this feeling that it was coming so very bad just two days ago which was on 31st Dec. late in the evening. I had all those signs like irritations, cramping, etc., but then it all went away later that night. And you know what, the same feeling reappeared the next morning but since then i haven’t felt like it’s coming.

Heather answered 5 years ago
Hey everyone! I got pregnant last year and it was almost 6-7 weeks before the test showed me a positive. So, if your test shows you a negative, then don’t think that it is the end of your story. This month, I am on the 29 day of my cycle so far, but the thing is my menstrual cycle is a bit messed up. I lost my baby in the month of June last year, after which I didn’t have periods in the next month. Then in the month Aug, my periods lasted for 10 long days. Then in the month of Sept., I again had a normal 25 days cycle and in the next month also, my periods came within 26 days. But in the month of November, the gap was of 36 days. So my cycle is really messed up. Like I said, I am in my 29 day and I am still counting. I did a test today, which showed negative. However, I will wait till 36-37 days or maybe 40 days and then will do a test again or will check a doctor, if I don’t get my AF. I am a bit confused now. Oh and yes! Do you guys know that when they say that your body temp. is up, it means that it is fine or you have your regular temp. My body temp. has been between 98.0-99.5 from the last few days. I have no idea what is going on!! BDW Thanks!
Denise answered 5 years ago
Hello girls, even I am experiencing the same feelings. My SO, I and TTC would be really happy to know if anyone actually got pregnant and if it is true.
Admin answered 5 years ago
You’re seeing the signs of pregnancy earlier than you expected. Naturally you’re having your doubts whether these are the real signs of just illusions. It can only be said that you’ve to be sure that the sign you’re mentioning is there. Don’t think about whether it could happen earlier than rest of your friends. If the signs are there then you can get over the fact that they see occurring way before missed period date. Try reading this for more information: https://www.pregnanteve.com/when-do-you-know-you-are-pregnant/