37 Weeks Pregnant Water Leaking?

37 weeks pregnant water leaking?

Don’t take it casually, read on.

Pregnancy has a whole set of new and once-in-a-lifetime kind of things happening to you. 

Your baby bump is nothing but a bag of fluids with your baby inside. These fluids together constitute the pregnant water. 

This water is mainly for protection and buoyancy.

Buoyancy is the reason why you can carry such a heavyweight compared to the non-pregnant state.

The fluid is also a means of exchange of oxygen, food and waste materials between you and your baby.

This is what the statement ‘what goes in you goes into your baby’ implies.

Undoubtedly when the delivery time approaches this water balloon has to break to allow your baby to move towards your vagina.

Once this happens your pregnant water leaks. 37 weeks pregnant water leaking means that your labor is near and your baby could arrive in this world within few hours.

In spite of the fact that pregnancy lasts for 9 months, 37th-week pregnant water leaking can be the sign of premature delivery.

37 Weeks Pregnant Water Leaking?
37 Weeks Pregnant Water Leaking?

What to do after 37 weeks pregnant water leaking?

Whenever women experiences 37 weeks pregnant water leaking they prefer to get admitted to the hospital. This is a good practice.

Doctors have to monitor the kind of pregnant water leaking to assure that the baby is safe.

Also, as pregnancy water leaks the time of labor comes close. Travelling to the hospital during active labor is not a wise thing.

It is a life threatening case sometimes and may cause the death of a pregnant woman. It is best to get admitted to hospital after 37 weeks pregnancy water leaking.

Pregnant women with pregnancy water leaking at any stage of pregnancy must tell their obstetrician.

If you have twin pregnancy, then labor is even closer after 37 weeks pregnant water leaking happens.

Some women wait for feeling contractions in their uterus before consulting with their doctors or mid wife.

This is the case out of ignorance too when the woman is not sure whether it is pregnant water leaking or simply vaginal discharge.

During the last stages of pregnancy and all through the pregnancy the vagina remains wet. It is difficult to understand what is pregnant water leaking for a first time mother.

Pregnancy water leaking and uterine contractions are not under same controlling mechanisms. This is something very few people know.

The two events happen so closely that people consider them related and outcome of each other.

37 weeks pregnant water leaking is due to the pressure building up in the uterus due to baby’s weight.

Contractions in uterus start after the hormonal surge of oxytocin. There are many other hormones and fetal reflex involved in inducing labor.

There is a small time gap between 37th week pregnant water leaking and induction of labor. 

One can consider pregnant water is leaking as a signal of nearing labor.

How does 37th week pregnant water leaking look like?

Pregnancy water is generally clear and has no distinctive color. In other case, if your pregnant water has a color, it may be a sign of respiratory infection in your baby.

Green mucus like pregnant water leaking indicates that your baby is at risk of respiratory infections.

What does pregnant water leaking indicate?

In normal cases, pregnant water leaking indicates that labor is near.

Some new mothers might confuse it to be a bladder control issue and think that they are peeing accidentally.

But that is not the case. Why?

It is so because if you had a bladder control problem, you won’t continuously leak. 

Women tend to have the expectation that pregnancy water leaking will be like an outburst and all other slow leaks are other problems.

Contrary to the popular belief, pregnant water leaking is slow and continues for hours.

Can we stop pregnant water leaking?

In some cases where the woman’s pregnant water leaking begins before completing the 20th week of pregnancy.

She might look for ways of stopping it. Going to the doctor is the best advice one could give you.

Unfortunately, but once the pregnant water leaking begins, one cannot stop it.

Pregnant water leaking continues until the pregnant water breaks. If you are only in the 20th week of pregnancy and your pregnant water leaks, then it is a sign of impending miscarriage.

Once your baby crosses the mark of 32 weeks of pregnancy, survival chances increase.

If pregnancy water breaks after 32 weeks, then your doctor will admit you and keep you under monitoring.

What to do if pregnancy water breaks slowly?

There is no way to stop pregnancy water leaking or hasten it. One has to wait and preferably lie down until the entire pregnant water leaks.

Many women expect the water balloon to blast off and leak it all together. This could potentially harm your baby.

It is nature’s way of protecting your baby to leak the pregnant water gradually.

Precautions after pregnant water breaks

Doctors always infirm pregnant women about precautions one has to take after pregnant water breaks. Make sure you either remember them or jot them down.

  1. Don’t bath especially with hot water after pregnant water leaks: Hot water can induce premature labor. It is unsafe to bath after your pregnant water leaks.
  2. Do not insert a tampon in after pregnant water leaks: If your pregnant water leaking begins then, it is best to allow the pregnant water to break. There is no use trying to prevent the flow. The flow will continue no matter what you do. It may be slow or fast but it will go on till completion.
  3. Do not have intercourse after pregnant water leaks: This is actually not usual that a woman feels the desire to have sex at that time. Your vagina feels wet and uneasy and you have a slight pain in the abdomen. Also, there is back pain and cramps. It is chaotic. Nevertheless, carnal desires might strike or may be your partner may no be aware and he initiates. Having intercourse after pregnant water leaks is unsafe for you and your baby. As water breaks your baby no longer has the protection from things entering your vagina. There is no cushioning so the baby will feel the jerk. Also as labor nears, your baby moves close to vaginal opening. Intercourse consumes a lot of energy and you need that energy for lot many things at that time.
  4. Do not flex your muscles or restrain your bladder hoping for better results. All this will unnecessarily use your energy and make you irritable.


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