Spotting but no periods. Negative blood pregnancy test & Negative urine text! Worried sick!!!

Pregnancy Q&ACategory: Signs Of PregnancySpotting but no periods. Negative blood pregnancy test & Negative urine text! Worried sick!!!
Kayla G. asked 5 years ago
My last period was 4th sept after which i noticed a tiny bit of spotting on my pad on 2nd of the next month… It was just for about 30 minutes and therefore i whipped it off… After this, I did not had periods or spotting for the next 2 days but then in 5th Oct, I again had spotting which was even less then 30 mins and then it was all gone!!! On 6th oct, which was my last day of periods, I had absolutely nothing on my pad!!! Then I took a pregnancy test at home on 8th Oct, which showed negative. I even had an urine test on 3rd oct and on 10th oct i had a beta HCG blood pregnancy test which also came back as negative…. I again had another urine HCG test on 23rd oct which showed as negative again…Now i am getting really worried as i always have regular periods every month, but this is the only time i have had experienced spotting and my periods was also due… This thing is really freaking me out, however, my doctor is not worried at all and is asking me stay calm as I am not pregnant as all the tests are negative…but she instructed me to keep testing every week, and she even prescribed me for a pelvic ultrasound on 24th Oct which still haven’t been done yet… i always stays hungry and my breasts have already started to get a bit tender… I even tired very easily and quickly and have to go to pee all the time. But the main cause of my worry is that i have spina bifida and I took it by myself to just start taking the prenatal vitamins as i am horrified because i have heard so many cases and stories of women finding out about their pregnant even after they were told that they are not pregnant… i am just so confused that what should i do or think. I mean I am messed up because I have never missed my period and now i have missed two of them.
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beanie answered 5 years ago
Hey, so you do got some of the early pregnancy signs, however, the negative urine test which was done after three weeks is conclusive. But now that you are missing your second period, you should definitely ask the doctor about the other reasons that may cause these signs, such as hormonal imbalance, or an ovarian cyst or any other cause.
Admin answered 5 years ago
Yes Kayla, Beanie is right. Your question talks of the signs of pregnancy you\’ve been seeing. However not getting a positive pregnancy test for so long is eerie. You must get a blood test or ask doctor about reasons other than pregnancy. Spina bifida is a critical illness and you need to take extra care. Make sure you eat healthy stuff and avoid junk, intoxicants and other unhealthy stuff such as caffeine.