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Gane asked 5 years ago
i got my last period feb 2,i expect next period march 2 cos I am on the combined pill. i was 22 hours late on a pill but took 2 the next day. Now i feel something in my lower right abdomen, not pain but more like pressure that started yesterday until now. is that implantation cramps? how long does implantation cramp last each time? am i pregnant? can i take a pregnancy test now? pls help!!!!!
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Admin answered 5 years ago
Implantation cramps are mild fluttering. You can expect it to last for a few minutes to an hour at most. They don’t gey intense or come in waves like period cramps. Cramping during egg embedding is not felt by most women. Also they occur after a week from having sex and in the following week. Beyond that the cramps are not because of implantation. Read these if you’d like: