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Alyssa Nancy asked 6 years ago
I took a dollar store pregnancy test and it showed up to be very positive. I have all of the signs of being pregnant. But then during the same day about 2 hours after, I went to shoppers and I bought a test there and it showed up to be negative.  I have been feeling the need to vomit, my stomach has been sore, and I had brown spotting.
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Admin answered 5 years ago
The second negative test only means that you’re early in your pregnancy. Taking a test early in the morning is no ritual. That’s because your body stores and concentrates your urine. Removing the excess water from urine the solutes such as salts, waste and hCG (pregnancy hormone) get concentrated. When you take a test later in the day again the urine has a lot of water and less of hCG. The kit doesn’t pick up the hCG. So if you’re seeing the signs of pregnancy for sure then just repeat a test after few days early in the morning. Dollar tests and any other tests are fairly accurate alike. Just make sure to detect pregnancy after a week from missed period.
Admin replied 5 years ago

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