Labor, Delivery & Miscarriages

There are many things that you need to prepare for the brief period of labor. You have various options mentioned in your birth plan. Whether you must opt for a c section or a natural delivery, is not what your doctor has to say. Kegels and breathing techniques are natural and extremely effective ways to cope with labor pain.

Miscarriage is an emotional and physical mishap a woman deals with. Abortion procedures and natural remedies for abortion are extremely sensitive topics. One must only rely on a medical practitioner for deciding anything regarding it.

Why do you fast before Caesarean?

Why Do You Fast Before Cesarean? [Fasting Before C-Section Facts]

PrecapPregnant women need to fast before an elective C-section for 7-8 hours to enable the abdomen incision. Not having a full stomach prevents vomiting reflex and also makes it easier to operate. You can...
Delayed Cord Clamping And Risks

Delayed Cord Clamping And Risks

While writing your birth plan or counseling your doctor will ask about delayed cord clamping. Most people believe that the cord supplies nutrients until the baby is inside. So once the baby comes out...