Dee asked 6 years ago
I\’m 42 and tubes have been tied for 19 years now. I had my menses on 4-4. I had sex on 4-26 and 28th for the first time in over a year. My menses should have come somewhere around the end of April or the beginning of May. I spotted a little bit on May 2 and then nothing. I have been lightheaded, weak feeling and nauseous for weeks now. Yesterday, May 28 I started spotting again with a slimy texture. Could I be pregnant or could it be something else. My menses is always on time. It never has ever done this before.
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Admin answered 5 years ago
Getting pregnant with tubes tied is not practical. In some cases the tubes after being tied fuse and grow back. Pregnancy is possible in that situation and chance of survival tho faint do exist. Very few reports have been recorded of such cases of getting pregnant with tied tubes. Consult the gynecologist who performed the tubes tieing surgery on you.