Late period spotting like bleeding HELP!!!

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CJ asked 6 years ago
I have not had my period for about two months I took a test which was negative that was later in the day which could have been diluted then waited two days took another one and it was faint but positive. i took that test to begin with because i didn’t get my period and days later i started to spot was a pinkish color for about 3 or 4 days and then stopped took another test and was faint but positive. now i have been spotting nothing to fill up a regular pad at all and it’s been pinkish and bright red. took another test and now negative. probably about 2 days ago light spotting still but looks like tissue as well when i wiped. just wondering could i have had a early miscarriage and it’s taking awhile to rid it out my body or should i seek out a doctor. i know with my first child i didn’t get positive anything until i was about 4 months with him. i’ve had two previous miscarriages already so i’m really hoping maybe it’s just different this time.
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Admin answered 5 years ago
Miscarriage symptoms are difficult to manage. Cramps and heavy bleeding occur during the spontaneous abortion. The symptoms you’re talking of maybe because you didn’t conceive. Calming yourself is key for conception. Take a blood test to gain your peace back. Pinpointing exact situation isn’t possible. However, you would get a positive test in two months before the start of bleeding. The late period was something else. Read