implantation bleeding or not

Pregnancy Q&Aimplantation bleeding or not
Sadia Akter asked 5 years ago
My last day of first menstruation date was 26december 2018, and ending date is 30 december. Now at the date of 7 january,19 ,vaginal bleeding occurs as like menstrual bleeding,for 9 hours,thats not so abdominal pain,or foul smeel, what is it??? Anyone answers plz.
2 Answers
Admin answered 5 years ago
Heavy bleeding for nine hours is more likely to be start of period. Implantation bleeding rarely exceeds a spotting few drops.
Gane answered 5 years ago
i got my last period feb 2,i expect next period march 2 cos I am on the combined pill. i was 22 hours late on a pill but took 2 the next day. Now i feel something in my lower right abdomen, not pain but more like pressure. is that implantation cramps? am i pregnant? can i take a pregnancy test now? pls help!!!!!