Arlene asked 6 years ago
i was due AF last weekend. I took a test when I was 3 days late which was a faint positive So the next day done another and it was slightly stronger but still a little faint. Phoned the docs she said I am pregnant. this weekend would make me 5 weeks pregnant. I have anxiety and have had to come off my meds because I am pregnant but over the weekend I have been cramping a lot ( not severe or anything just slightly) but I was scared and done a few pregnancy tests again ( different brand from the first two) and one came back slightly positive but not as positive as my two last week and the second came back negative. I’m so scared I’ve lost this baby. I have had no bleeding.
1 Answers
Admin answered 5 years ago
There is almost no chance that you miscarry a baby without bleeding at all. Probably you were not pregnant at all. Take it easy on yourself. You can conceive next month. It’s not the last chance or something that you need to beat yourself up. And without bleeding miscarriage is next to impossible. So, you just had a false positive pregnancy test. Perhaps there is slight chance that you’re still pregnant. In that case this stressing out will only harm it. Faint positive tests also show that you’re pregnant. Take a blood test.