did i have a misscariage?

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Falicia asked 5 years ago
I took a pregnacy test and it came up with twi lines but one very faint, it was saturday, i spotted bright red monday and yesterdat brown and pink,but barely at all and now im not this morning I took another test this morning and it was negetive… Did i have a misscarage or false positive/negetive
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Admin answered 5 years ago
Exactly telling whether a test was false or did you have a very early miscarriage is not possible. Only an ultrasound scan can check the thickness of your endometrial lining and tell you whether you had miscarriage. The thickness of line will give the exact answer. As you have said, you hardly had any bleeding, miscarriage doesn’t happen like that. Intense cramps, chest suffocation, and heavy bleeding with clots are the primary symptoms of miscarriage. https://www.pregnanteve.com/can-positive-pregnancy-test-wrong/