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Shannon Bailey asked 6 years ago
My last period was Oct 18-21 . The 26th i has unprotected and again on the 4th , 10th, 12th and 13th of November . My period was due the 14th . I just Started lightly bleeding today November 20th. Before the spotting I had Every pregnancy symptom you could think of , especially being nauseous , headaches , dizziness , mood swings, sore breast. I also took to test on the 18th and again today the 20th both negatives. I’m not sure what’s going on . I’m a regular 27days , 5 days long . What could be happening , could I be Pregnant and implantation just took longer or is this a period
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Admin answered 5 years ago
Shannon it’s possible that you were having a severe PMS. Late period can be because of many different reasons. The negative test can be because you are having spotting before period.