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~missy~ asked 6 years ago
I had sex on day 15 of my cycle..we finished using protection.. I have a regular 28 day cycle give or take a day either side. On cycle day 25 I started having tiny streaks of blood in discharge only when wiping, the following day it was very pale brown discharge no blood, by day 27 it was a couple of spots of pinky spotting brown again.. by now I assumed my period would be there on time but period due date and it was nothing just a little mucous light brown.. morning day 29 I had bright red blood when I wiped nothing else, no flow. Later that day I felt a trickle and didn’t check til later when I got home and I had more blood not a huge amount. Later that night I have moreof a flow but it only seems to be when I go to the toilet and no clots all just bright red watery blood.. toilet water looked red. I assumed my period was starting so I counted it as day 1, for day two it was pretty much blood not real heavy it somewhat had been more stretchy like thicker but I was only using a pad two max in a day. Today is day 3 and there is nothing only brown which was quite dark. When wiping it was dark brown like mucous. Like as if finishing my period.. is this just a really short period? Does it sound normal? I use to have heavy 4-7 day period and now short.. is this normal? I also had lots of gas the week prior and constantly needing to poop. Headaches, really moody, I was feeling pressure in my lower abdomen too a fair bit and sharp twingey pains on both sides particularly leading up to and the day I had bleeding. Just want to know is it normal or am I being crazy.. thanks
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Admin answered 5 years ago
Getting a panic attack if your period is 1 minute late is forgivable. Known that we are these crazy species who cry during period pain and deliver baby with 100× more pain, it’s fine to feel that way with the symptoms you’ve been seeing. Short period is not an impossibility. Probably you had a very short period. Implantation bleeding won’t turn the pot water red. Taking a test was the only way and the next was to head to the doc. Get an ultrasound or blood test. Other than that how far can pregnancy anxiety take your imagination and phantom, is unexplored.