Period or implantation?

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Katie asked 6 years ago
Hello, so I don’t know what could be going on with me… if implantation ? Early ..early ..period ? So on June 14th (last day of my period) I had unprotected sex. I took the after pill 2 days later. I started ovulating on June 19th and on June 21st I started spotting… and has been going on ever since.. it’s not light spotting and it’s not period heavy, somewhat in between.. i honestly don’t know what it could be. My periods are always on time very regular. So this really took me by surprise.. Any thoughts?
1 Answers
Admin answered 5 years ago
Implantation bleeding doesn’t last longer than one day. And the time it occurs is after 9-12 days from ovulation. In your case it doesn’t seem that you had IB considering the length of time. The characteristics of bleeding you said are like implantation bleeding followed by pregnancy spotting.