How to get pregnant fast?

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Amaya asked 6 years ago
I want to increase my family and want to have a baby quick. How can a woman get pregnant fast?
Admin replied 5 years ago

A woman can get pregnant fast when she knows when it’s the time to have sex and when to take rest. Just getting under the bed sheets isn’t enough for getting pregnant. Instead you need to take care of your health, eat right, maintain constant weight and have a happier mind. There is more to do other than sex for getting pregnant. Read:

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Sahaza answered 6 years ago

Track ovulation while trying to conceive. Have sex during the fertile window.

Rac replied 6 years ago

How to find my fertile window?

Admin replied 5 years ago

For finding your fertility window check your cervical mucus. Other methods include charting basal body temperature, looking for changes in your girls (breasts), peak in sexual desires etc

Sammie answered 6 years ago
First step is to know when your fertility window. After that have intercourse during that window to increase chances of getting pregnant fast.
Admin replied 5 years ago


Admin answered 5 years ago
Your chances of getting pregnant will increase when you understand the cues your body gives. Suddenly you feel like making love and the other day you felt low. It’s not random or just influences of your routine happenings. Hormones are working. Make sure more than relying on mathematical info like adding these many days to that day, you listen to your body. Cut the caffeine and junk. If you really want to get pregnant then you’ll be able to do it without finding it as difficult.