17 days late, positive tests, starting to bleed

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ReneeA asked 5 years ago
Hi, I am 17 days passed my period due date. Took about 10 pregnancy tests in total and all came back positive. I started getting period like cramps today and when I went to the bathroom to pee, there was blood when I wiped. Darkish color but still full of blood. I have been having bad cramps all day now. Am I’m having a misscariage? Can’t get a hold of my doctor…
Fanny replied 5 years ago

I’m 35 years old. And hd Depo then missed chums took many tests bt none wr positive. Then was waiting took test after 17 days still negative. ?????. Was tryn for 4 yrs nw i gt bldn so dark pad fill up

Suzzy replied 5 years ago

My friend also told me to go to doc. Then I want to get pregnant. Bleeding after positive tests so much that not even when period. Late I was crying so stressed then I drank a lot. Doc wasn’t helping. So then wen t to another she took a test and it was ovarian cyst.

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Admin answered 5 years ago
Bleeding after pregnancy test came out positive can be a miscarriage. Not necessarily did the positive test mean that you were having a pregnancy. Just like one of the discussion inputs, ovarian cysts and other diseases give a false positive. During the first trimester chances of miscarriage are high. That is more to prevent a complicated or abnormal pregnancy. And don’t try repeating multiple tests because you won’t get a negative until the hCG leaves your body. It takes long for the pregnancy hormone to wash off from your blood long after the pregnancy is terminated. There is no way other than seeking a doctor’s help. There is no dearth of Gynecologists and even the government hospitals have them for free or cheaper checkup. Read this post to know when is a bleeding after positive PT a miscarriage https://www.pregnanteve.com/positive-pregnancy-test-now-bleeding/