Implantation is the first step of pregnancy in the uterus. The fertilized egg travels down the Fallopian tubes to implant in the uterus. This is for the purpose of nutrition and protection of the growing baby. The placenta forms after implantation occur. Implantation spotting is the sign that indicates that now pregnancy is surer.

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Implantation Facts

Top 25 Implantation Facts For Every Woman

If you are trying to conceive and reading up about pregnancy, I am sure you must have heard a lot about Implantation. Still, many of us aren't aware of all the implantation facts.Women who...
Implantation Bleeding - Early And Late Period

Implantation Bleeding – Early And Late Period

Implantation bleeding - early and late period is something most women fret about. In this article, we will help you differentiate between the two. Early and late period by a day or two is not...
Can Implantation Bleeding Look Like Menses?

Can Implantation Bleeding Look Like Period?

PrecapCan implantation bleeding look like period? No, implantation bleeding and period are starkly different. Color, timing, quantity, consistency, and frequency of bleeding are different for IB and period. IB never looks like a period....